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2009 DNA DM research paper  Complete text of the 2009 Research paper on the gene mutation associated with DM.
2013 Paper, Coates  Characterization of Intercostal Muscle Pathology in Canine Degenerative Myelopathy: A disease model for ALS.
This has a short intro comparing DM to ALS, and then the bulk is about studying what happens to muscles in DM in Pems and Boxers.
2014 paper on breed distribution of DM alleles  Breed Distribution of SOD1 Alleles Previously Associated with Canine Degenerative Myelopathy
Supporting information has results of owner surveys.
Blogger  One option for creating your own blog and keeping track of your dog’s DM using photos and words.
C-Wags  C-Wags is another organization that allows disabled dogs to compete in rally.
Canine Rehabilitation Therapists  Find a therapist certified by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute.
Cardigan DM Study  The purpose of this study is to determine definitive diagnoses of Cardigans with progressive spinal cord disease.

All dogs that develop DM will eventually become completely paralyzed and at this point there is no known treatment. In 2008, the University of Missouri developed a genetic test that can predict whether or not a dog is “at risk” for developing the disease. So far it appears that the incidence of this gene is relatively low in Cardigans. The most recent statistics from OFA state that of the 503 Cardigans tested, 50% are clear, 36% are carriers and 13% are at risk.
Not every dog that is “at risk” develops clinical DM and there are other neurological diseases like intervertebral disk disease that can be mistaken for it. DM can only be definitively confirmed by microscopic examination of spinal cord samples collected during a necropsy. Although there have been a number of suspected cases of DM in Cardigans, very few have been confirmed.
Please contact Barbara Merickel DVM, if you have a dog that could be included. You and your veterinarian will need to complete a medical history/physical findings form. We will assist you in arranging for a necropsy (autopsy) which will need to be performed shortly after your dog had died or been euthanized. If you wish, your dog can be cremated with the ashes returned to you. The tissue samples will be sent to Dr. Joan Coates at the University of Missouri.

This study is open to all Cardigan Welsh Corgi, not limited to CWCCA Members. Additional information and sample submission forms are available at 
CARO Rally  Canadian organization that allows disabled dogs to compete.
Carts for Rehabilitation  Rationale from K9 Carts on using a cart for rehab after back surgery.
CDSP  Companion Dogs Sports Program, allows disabled dogs.
Corgis on Wheels by Bobbie Mayer Facebook Page  Like this page on Facebook to get updates and info into your news feed!
DM 2012 paper Boxers and Corgis  This is a link to the paper describing staging of DM from which I adapted the stages listed in the book. (You can buy the full paper at this link; otherwise you will need access through a library.)
DM Links  

The official DM DNA test which contributes to research and can be listed on OFA. It is a cheek swab that you can do yourself at home and send in, and currently costs $65.
DM TIssue Donation Protocol and Information  Spinal cords of corgis that are euthanized for DM ( and also of any old corgi) can be donated to the University of Missouri’s research program. You must plan for this in advance, according to this document. Both the PWWCA and the CWCCA have funds available to assist with associated costs.
Dodgerslist  This list is for IVDD and is largely populated by Dachshund owners, but any breed owner is welcome.
Emrys Corgis  This is Liz Myhre’s excellent informational site. Here she has plans for a homemade cart (as well as homemade agility equipment) and also information on how to help your dog become used to medical equipment.
Handicapped Pets  Handicapped Pets has many useful products and a storehouse of information, as well as a Discussion Board.
K9 Nosework  How to find a Nosework class and get started.
Merlin’s DM Blog  Merlin’s journey through DM, with pictures and links to a few videos.
Merlin’s Friends Blog  A blog with stories of corgis that we have lost to DM. You can learn more about some of the corgis in the book whose stories have been told in Merlin’s Friend’s.
Name That Computer 

makes asset tags for property and donates our cart labels.  We couldn’t be happier. After a 1-3 year cart loan these come back intact and still stuck permanently to the cart. 
Pattern for female diapers  I haven’t tried this pattern out since mine have all been boys, but here it is. For a Pembroke, just omit the hole for the tail.
Scout’s House  Scout’s House is a rehab center in Menlo Park, California, but has an extensive website with useful information, including a video on expressing and one on progression of DM. There is also a link to Scout’s Store which has useful items for disabled dogs.
Scout’s House Quality of Life scale

Included by permission in the book Corgis on Wheels, this quality of life scale was specifically developed for special needs pets.
Scouts House video on DM  A ten minute video describing DM and showing how to handle some common problems.
Shafie Thesis 2013  A 250 page pdf of a thesis on finding biomarkers for DM. I’m referencing this here in part because it has a thorough introduction to the research on DM (though not written in lay terms) and so is a good starting point for someone wanting to “catch up” on what is known today.
Spinal Cord Injury Program at North Carolina State  NCSU has an active research program in canine spinal cord injuries. If you live nearby you may be able to enroll your IVDD dog in a clinical trial. NCSU also holds special events that include disabled dogs such as the Canine ParaOlympics.
Swim Therapy  LaPaw Spa’s information on how to find a canine swim therapy pool.
World Cynosport Rally 

Formerly APDT Rally. Allows disabled dogs in competition.

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