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CorgiAid Cart Program


“Juneau” – Carolyn Cannon

Doggon Wheels

 Cart Loans: Eligibility   CorgiAid’s Cart Program is open to all corgis and corgi mixes, whether owned or in rescue.We do not specifically require financial need, and there may be a cart available that would go unused otherwise, but we do encourage those who can to buy a cart. See Cart Purchases below for more information.

Cart application:  We may be able to provide a cart on loan, but first we will need to have a completed cart application with accurate measurements.  It’s important to have a helper when you measure, and to be as careful as possible. Sloppy or incorrect measurements often cause delays in processing the application. You can see the measuring hints here You may use the pull-down menu under Cart Program or the links below to access both the application and the measuring hints.  You can either submit photos with the application or email them to Photos are most helpful if taken from the side with the corgi standing, and from the top, also with the corgi standing. We use the photo to confirm the accuracy of the measurements and also the overall build of the corgi, which may help us to choose a cart.

"Olliver" - Bobbie MayerEddie's Wheels

“Oliver” – Bobbie Mayer

Eddie’s Wheels

If we have a cart to fit you will be asked to sign and return a contract, agreeing to return the cart when your corgi no longer needs it, at your expense.  There is a refundable $50 deposit required as well as a shipping charge of $35.  No deposit or shipping charge is required for carts if the corgi is currently with a rescue group.

 Cart Purchases: If you plan to purchase a cart, and need more information, you can read about how to choose one by clicking on this link.  CorgiAid does not sell carts. 

"Dash": Louis ZimmerliRuffRollin

“Dash” – Louis Zimmerli


Other information:  Click here for our book, “Corgis on Wheels, which has much more information about carts, how to use them, and how to care for your corgi.  Under “Additional Resources” you’ll find lots of other information, including a link to the Corgis on Wheels Yahoo Discussion group.

Cart Donations:  If you have a cart to donate, please email for information.  Your donation is tax-deductible.

Click on any photo to link to the Cart Manufacturer’s page. 

"Rupert" - Deb Reid

“Rupert” – Deb Reid

K-9 West

Links to Additional Information:

"Doc Holliday" - Leah SchwanK-9 East

“Doc Holliday” – Leah Schwan

K-9 East

"K C" - Tauni BeckmanWalkin Wheels

“K C” – Tauni Beckman

Walkin Wheels

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