Corgis on Wheels

Corgis on Wheels is the complete guide to caring for the mobility-impaired Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi, from diagnosis to decision-making. You will learn what to expect if your corgi is diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (DM), as well as how to handle the sudden onset of intervertebral disk disease (IVDD). The book is packed with helpful information on keeping your corgi happy and engaged, choosing a cart and helping your corgi learn to use it, finding boots to fit, physical rehabilitation therapy, incontinence, and many other topics. It includes many “how-to’s,” such as instructions for making belly bands, boots, wheelchair skis, ramps, lifts, and para-agility equipment. Whether you are already facing the challenges of caring for a disabled dog, want to be prepared if your dog becomes disabled, or simply want to learn more about all that is possible for dogs with DM or IVDD, this book is for you.


1. What’s wrong with my corgi?
2. My corgi has ruptured a disk: what do I do now?
3. My corgi has DM: what can I expect?
4. Carts and other mobility aids
5. Helping your corgi adjust to the cart
6. Incontinence and UTIs
7. Little boots and corgi feet
8. Ramps and other home modifications
9. Canine rehabilitation therapy and exercise
10. Games and occupations
11. Other dogs in the family
12. More on DM: timeline and advanced stages
13. When the end comes
14. Support for the caregiver

 Praise for Corgis on Wheels 

“A diagnosis of IVDD or DM can be devastating to a corgi’s family (or any dog’s family). Corgis on Wheels does an outstanding job of covering what to expect and how best to help your beloved canine companion. It contains many real life examples of how corgis and their people have dealt with the problems of a handicapped dog. You would have to adapt some of the information for other breeds, but this book should be in the personal library of anyone who owns a dog prone to IVDD or DM. While you are at it, donate a copy to your veterinarian!” – Deb M. Eldredge, DVM, award winning writer and veterinarian, first recipient of Cornell’s Gentle Doctor Award

“Although the focus is on corgis with DM or IVDD, this comprehensive book contains a wealth of information for owners of all breeds. It will open your eyes to how much your dog can still do, and will change your concept of what it means to have a paralyzed dog. Based on my experience with two chihuahuas, a terrier, and a golden retriever, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to give their disabled dog the best quality of life possible.” – Carol Crawford, Moderator, HandicappedPets.Net

 About the Author 

Bobbie MayerBobbie Mayer runs the CorgiAid cart loan program and is the owner of the Wheelcorgis Yahoo group. She has owned four corgis on wheels. She has written articles for corgi publications on DM and IVDD, Rally for wheelchair dogs, and carts for corgis. Bobbie recently retired from her position as a Chemistry professor at California State University, Fresno, and now resides on Whidbey Island. She enjoys showing in Rally obedience, camping, and taking walks with her corgis.


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