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0 Corgis on Wheels Online Store Get the latest Corgis on Wheels calendar and related gifts and clothing at our Wheelcorgis shop!
12Amazon Corgis on Wheels product list  Some of our favorite Amazon products.
7Best Cheap Carts?  There are some cheap cart makers around, including some who have gotten their carts into big box stores. Beware! Some are bad copies of good carts, not what you want for your best friend ,however much mobility is needed. Others are original and very poor designs. Some are even missing leg support. If you find a cart selling for 50-75% of the makers listed here, and think it looks just as good, think again, and if you aren’t sure, email to ask for our opinion. In most cases, you won’t save $200, you will spend an extra $200 before you buy the cart your corgi really needs.
1.5Doggon Wheels  1-888-7-DOGGON (888-736-4466) (US and Canada) Email doggon@ Two wheel, four-wheel, convertible, and counterbalanced carts with a soft saddle that can be used to support the dog outside the cart.
2Eddie’s Wheels  Toll-free: 888-211-2700 Local Phone: 413-625-0033 Carts with a solid support saddle. They can build two-wheeled, four-wheeled, front-wheeled, and counterbalanced carts. Custom colors available!
13Humble Hound Flow Through Crate Pad  These crate pads allow pee to flow through to a towel or pee pad below the bed, and help to keep your incontinent corgi dry and clean.
3K-9 Cart Company East  Toll-free: 866-K9-CARTS /866-592-2787 Newly redesigned K-9carts , half the weight of the original K9cart.
4K9Carts (West)  Toll free 800-578-6960 K9Carts has a very nice design that is lightweight and easily adjustable, can be upgraded to a front extension (front wheels that swivel) or a full-four wheel cart.
`14Palace Fleece  For palace fleece, good prices. Use it over a pee pad as it wicks moisture through and away from your dog. Palace fleece is about 1 inch thick and washes well and is great for corgis with advanced DM who leak a little- keeps the corgi dry.
15Peke a Tsu 911 belly bands  Fun patterns in belly bands for male corgis. These work great with a Poise pad (or half a Poise pad.)
16 PetGear Strollers  Pet Gear makes several useful strollers. The AT3 is large enough for a big corgi (or two smaller ones.) The Sportster or Special edition folds easily for carrying in a smaller vehicle but tends to fit the smaller corgis better. We prefer the single front wheel (or double but centered wheels.)
17Protect-a-Pet bag  Also available from K9 Cart Company East- theirs is a bit larger and has ventilation.
5Ruffrollin  877-390-RUFF, Ruffrollin has many years of experience in the cart industry. They make a soft-saddle cart and have a good front-extension option, making it a good choice for corgis with DM. Located in Bozeman, Montana.
18Ruffwear Doubleback Harness   The Doubleback harness was designed for search and rescue dogs but provides excellent support for disabled corgis. Measure carefully, and buy from a site that allows returns as it is NOT one-size-fits-all. The regular Ruffwear harness may also be useful.
6WalkinWheels  Walkin Wheels makes a highly adjustable cart that works well for larger corgis. If your corgi is 13 inches or taller, the cart may work for you. Ask for eight inch wheels. The WW mini is also now available but isn’t really designed for corgis. It does fit the smaller corgis. Front wheels are available for all sizes of carts.
19Scout’s House  Many useful products for disabled dogs of all sizes. We particularly like Palace Fleece bedding, which is thick, soft, and washable, and allows urine to leak through to a disposable pee pad below.
20Toegrips  Toegrips help senior or slightly disabled dogs to keep their footing on slick floors. They may also improve proprioception. They simply (with a little effort and lubrication!) slip over the toenails. Great for the early stage of DM or IVDD type II, or for dogs recovering from IVDD or other disorders.
21Wheelcorgi fabric!  Rusticorgi on Spoonflower designed some special Corgis on Wheels fabric for us.



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