CorgiAid mail to Gmail

The first step is to have Nancy or Carolyn set up an e-mail account for you to use. They will let you know the password. Passwords are required to be secure.

Open Gmail and click on the gear in the upper right. Then select Settings.

Click on Accounts and Import and then scroll down to Add a Mail Account.

Follow these steps, changing “” to your e-mail account.


If desired, check Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. It can be cleaned up later.



After this step an e-mail will be sent to the account. It can be forwarded to you via webmail by Nancy or Carolyn if you do not yet have access.  Once you click on the link in that e-mail and then confirm, you will be done.

Mail is checked more or less often by gmail depending on the usual volume. If you want to check immediately, go back to Settings, to Accounts and Import, then click on Check mail now next to the account.

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