How You Can Help CorgiAid 


Donating to CorgiAid 

CorgiAid is a small volunteer-run operation. We depend on your donations to help us fund the rescuers that provide such terrific care to dogs in need. Other than some costs associated with doing business and fundraising, your money goes directly to the care of corgis and corgi mixes. CorgiAid is a government-blessed 501(c)3 charity with tax id number 94-3334612; your donations are tax deductible. Please help us!

Donations by Check 

You can mail us a check at:

CorgiAid, Inc.
2108 N 38th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

** Do not return carts to this address **

Please be sure to include your name and address so we may acknowledge the receipt of your funds.

Donations by Credit Card

CorgiAid is pleased to be associated with Network for Good. This allows you to donate by credit card through their secure server, at a small additional charge to CorgiAid.

If you prefer, you may also donate through PayPal. The fees are a bit higher than those at Network For Good.

Donations of Non-Monetary Items 

We cannot accept non-monetary items directly at CorgiAid as we don’t have storage and distribution facilities. Your local corgi rescue group may appreciate the donation of  physical items.

If you’d like to donate items to rescue such as food, blankets, equipment, coupons, etc., please contact your local dog rescue organization or shelter.

Donate a cart

Donate your used corgi wheelchair cart to CorgiAid’s cart program. For donation information, email

How to Designate Donations in Memory 

We would love to honor a loved one of yours that has passed away. You may designate your donation be made in their memory, and we’ll place that recognition on our In Memoriam page.

To do this, we need a picture of the pet or person you wish to remember, and the statement that you would like to appear on the memorial page.

You can e-mail the information to Include your full name so we can match the e-mail to your donation, attach the picture or tell us the URL where we can find it, and tell us the words you want to say.

If you need to mail us a hard copy picture, please contact us at for the mailing address.

 Specifying the Specific Use of a Donation 

Sorry, but we cannot accept donations designated for a specific purpose; the IRS has some strict rules that say we must distribute funds according to standard guidelines. We can assure you that our money is distributed to needy and approved applicants. While we appreciate your recognition of the specific need of another, we cannot direct your money to any specific applicant. However, if you encourage them to apply for aid, we can help them through our general funds within the restrictions of our funding guidelines.


Contribute and Shop 

  • Send a tax-deductible contribution by check, by credit card through Network for Good or PayPal, and through Facebook’s Cause page. You also can set up a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual donation online through Network for Good.
  • Make a donation in honor of a loved one, human or canine, who has passed away, and send a photo and let us know for whom at We will place a photo and your statement of recognition on our Memorials page.
  • Purchase CorgiAid and CorgiAid WheelCorgis merchandise through our CafePress stores.
  • Shop CorgiAid: buy from our supporting vendors who donate a percentage of their revenue to us.
  • Contribute items to CorgiAid’s annual online auction—one-of-a-kind items from artists and crafters are especially welcome—and bid to win.
  • Use Good Search as your search engine with CorgiAid as your cause, and they’ll contribute to CorgiAid whenever you do a search.



Volunteer to help the CorgiAid board members and staff with a wide range of tasks, from writing thank you notes, to helping the grants committee process information from rescuers, to working on various fundraising projects. The first step is to fill out our online Volunteer Application. Our needs change from time to time, but we keep all applications on file. Even if we don’t have a way for you to help right away, an opportunity may well arise in the future. If you have any questions, contact


 Other Ways to Help 

  • Attend one of the many corgi picnics that benefit CorgiAid, for example through a silent auction, the sale of CorgiAid merchandise, a costume contest or game entry fees.
  • Spread the word about CorgiAid at dog events in your area, with veterinarians, and through local rescue programs and shelters. (contact if you would like brochures to distribute).
  • Create your own project to raise money for CorgiAid. Your imagination’s the limit, but some successful fundraisers have included corgi picnics, putting a donation jar at your favorite pet supply store or dog wash,selling dog biscuits and bandanas at dog events and street fairs, and doing holiday gift wrapping in exchange for donations at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders.
  • Learn more about corgi and corgi-mix rescue at and contact the list owners about joining a Yahoo group focused on rescue: and
  • Remember CorgiAid in your will or living trust. You can leave a stated dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percentage of your residual estate (what remains after debts, expenses, taxes and specific bequests have been paid). Ask your attorney for advice.


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