Editing a WordPress Page

Start by navigating to the page you want to change.


Click on Edit Page on the top black bar.

The page will open in edit mode. Note that you have tabs just above the text of the post that say Visual and Text. Most things can be done in Visual mode rather than needing to modify the html code.

I have the items on the shopping and links pages done with tables. On this page the table is just a single column with a row for each item, arranged alphabetically. I want to insert a row for something that starts with “N”. I click on the last row that starts with “M” then choose Table at the top, move my cursor to Row then over to Insert row after and click.



This shows the blank row where we will insert our new item.

This new item has a photo with it so we will start with that. Click on the Add Media button at the upper right of the page text.


It will first show you the library of items already uploaded. Click on Upload File.

You may ether browse and use Select Files or you can drag and drop from your computer. In this case I had downloaded the item from gmail so it was in my download tray to drag and drop.


Choose the item (it will show first) and its position on the page. Then click on Insert into page.

You can also choose different sizes and a link. In this case I am using a “thumbnail” size and linking it to the vendor’s page (i.e. clicking on the picture will redirect you to that page).



Type the link in the box.

After inserting, you will be returned to the text. The next thing I did was to type the name of the item. I selected it by highlighting the phrase with my mouse, clicked on the B at the top to make it Bold, then clicked on the icon that looks like a link in a chain to input the Vendor’s page to link to.


Type the link into the box.


Clicking on the picture lets you choose a position for it. For example, here I have made it center rather than left. If you need to modify the size of the picture or the link you can use the pencil icon in that bar. You can also change the size by dragging the corners, but start with a picture that is close in size.


Here the picture is moved back to the left.

When you upload a picture, wordpress actually makes multiple copies: thumbnail, medium, large, and full size. Dragging a thumbnail picture to make it full size will be blury as the resolution will be too low. Instead start with the large picture.


And this is how the table looks in the Text mode. 

In most cases you won’t need text mode. If you need help just let Carolyn know and she’ll be glad to handle it.

When you’re done editing the file and want to save it, click the Update button. Note that there is also a Preview Changes that will let you see how it looks in a new tab before saving.

When done, click View Page up on the top black bar.



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