Puppy Kisses

by Mail Order Annie and Howard Weinstein

 Book Description 

A Welsh Corgi pup named Mail Order Annie honked car horns, vanquished baby gates, schemed after cookies, donuts and room-service sandwiches, starred at STAR TREK conventions…and charmed everyone she met. But charm doesn’t mean a puppy won’t eat the kitchen walls!

Best-selling author-turned-trainer Howard Weinstein tells Annie’s story in a truly universal dog book, and shares his hard-won expertise:

  • Giving new pup-owners training tips and a clear idea of what to expect from life with a wonderful dog, including “Puppy Prep 101” and “Puppy School 202”
  • Helping current dog-owners get the most from the human-canine relationship
  • Sharing stories to touch the hearts of all dog-lovers.

Written with a journalist’s eye for truth and detail, a novelist’s story-telling skills, and a professional trainer’s practical observations and experience…

Straight from Annie’s heart to yours!

 Reviews from Corgi Club Newsletters 

Claire McClure, Florida
Breeder, Tim Tam Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Training Director, The Oviedo Dog Club
AKC Obedience Judge Emeritus
(reviewed in the Sunshine Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club newsletter)

“…The first book we have seen that truly describes the delights and tribulations of living with Pembrokes… The author’s touching, funny, and perceptive history of his 15-year relationship with Mail Order Annie provides humor and insight into the special world of those who choose to share our lives with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. His practical and well-designed training chapters…include much more than basic obedience. This little book is a treasure that we will be proud to include with every Tim Tam Corgi puppy. “

Heather Gilpatrick, Maryland
(reviewed in THE TIDE, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac newsletter )

“…What really amazed me was how well Mr. Weinstein captured Annie’s personality and spirit, and truly brought her to life on every page… As more people read this book, I predict that a new word will creep into the lexicon…the ‘corgi-cule,’ defined by Mr. Weinstein as ‘the smallest particle of food still discernable to the eyes and/or nose of a Welsh Corgi–and often too small to be detected by humans (or, possibly, even electron microscopes).’ It is moments like this–or when his four-year-old neighbor tells her parents that the stars in the sky are Annie’s footprints going to Heaven–that make you laugh and cry and truly touch your heart… This is a wonderfully insightful book for new puppy owners, especially Corgi puppy owners… The funny thing about Annie is that she was no more special or extraordinary than my dog or yours. But what Mr. Weinstein manages to do is write the beautiful memoir that I would want to write for my dog. “

Lois E. Kay, Breeder, Terenelf Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Pennsylvania

“…Sensible lessons for raising any puppy… Recommended as a ‘must-read’ for all my friends and new puppy-owners.”

Jo Ann Ruehl, Editor of “OVation,” the Ohio Valley Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club’s newsletter, Indiana

“…An enchanting combination of good reading and good instructions for the raising of our beloved Corgi puppies… For breeders, I heartily recommend this book to be given with EVERY puppy you place. You will be doing the new owners and the puppy a great service.”

 About the Author 

Starting with his first Welsh Corgi–the amazing Mail Order Annie–Trainer/Canine Behavioral Consultant Howard Weinstein has been learning about and teaching puppies and dogs since 1981. He is now the proprietor of Day-One Dog Training in Howard County, Maryland, offering both group classes and private at-home sessions. He also presented Puppy Prep 101 through Howard Community College Continuing Education. He is also an award-winning writer. This is his twelfth book, including three national and New York Times best-sellers.

 Pricing and Order Information 

Puppy Kisses Are Good For The Soul is available direct from the author. He is offering those who mention CorgiAid a discount price of $16 including shipping, and is generously contributing $2.00 of that amount to CorgiAid.

Contact the author at: st.white@comcast.net. Be sure to mention you saw the ad for the book here!

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